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The Spanish course is based on textbooks from the Hueber Publisher and is intended for students from beginner to upper intermediate level. It contains a lot of useful functions for effective practising of the basic language skills.

Listening comprehension
You will permanently practice listening during work with the Spanish course. Spanish Course includes more than 5,000 audio recordings and 25,200 recorded headwords in the dictionary. About one half of the exercises is based on the sound recordings. If you do not understand the sound, you can replay the individual sentences separately, play repeatedly the problematic sentences or display a text transcription.

You can record any practiced sentence in the computer using a microphone. Then you can compare your pronunciation with the original pronunciation recorded by a native speaker. Besides listening to both recordings (your and the original) you can also compare the displayed voice curves. Thanks to IBM ViaVoice technology for Speech Recognition you can communicate with the Spanish course by voice commands in Spanish. Even while doing the exercises you can use voice instead of mouse or keyboard.

The Spanish course includes about 3,000 new words and phrases. Using Click&See and Say&See functions you can immediately display English translation for any unknown word from the Spanish course. Important part of the course is the RE-WISE method for effective vocabulary learning. Its basic idea is to preserve in the student’s memory as many learned words as possible while minimizing the necessary repetitions.

Spanish Course also includes comprehensive grammar explanations and surveys for all language levels. Individual grammar topics are practised in hundreds of grammatically focused interactive exercises.

It is really a hard work to learn so many language skills properly. But learning Spanish the LANGMaster way brings lots of fun. You will enjoy 1,200 pictures and photos in 747 interactive exercises (including word games, crosswords and quizzes), with intelligent evaluation (you will learn where exactly you have made a mistake).

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