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Review For Disk Doctors Drive Manager

Disk Doctors Drive Manager
Publisher: Disk Doctor Labs Inc

Download link: http://www.diskdoctors.net/

Disk Doctors Drive Manager is a powerful and flexible bundle of utilities to manage hard drives, the Disk Doctors Drive Manager software works with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. Drive Manager Bundle of utilities integrates hard drive space management, folder size monitoring, hard drive surface scan (check drive for bad sectors), drive to drive cloning, disk image creation and drive failure prediction.

Hard Drive Diagnostics

If you’ve ever had your hard drive die on you, then you must have realized how agonizing it is to try to retrieve the important documents, family photos, MP3s, and videos that you worked so hard to put together.

Hard drives can fail because they get overheated, they get corrupted from viruses, human error or mishandling or just because the drive has become too old. You can prevent hardware failure by regularly monitoring the health of your hard drive.

Drive SOS offers real time monitoring of locally attached hard drives on a Windows PC, the Disk Doctors Drive Manager software helps to predict the failure of a hard drive before it may occur. Being aware of the consequences helps you to take necessary action to avoid any data loss in the event of predicted hard drive failure. You can backup the drive and can replace the dying drive or for better results, you may always upgrade to the latest and larger capacity hard drive.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface which ensures uncomplicated hard drive monitoring.
  • Performs checks in background (System Tray) and displays HDD temperature without affecting computer performance.
  • Check and display of HDD SMART attribute values and overall hard drive health status.
  • Regularly monitors and displays the overall health status of hard drives.
  • Generates scheduled event log to analyze hard drive performance.
  • Flexible alerts helps to corrective or preventive actions in case of predicted failure.
  • Continuous monitoring helps in regular escort of hard drives.
  • Provides detailed information about Hard Drives and CPU (temperature).
  • Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • Hard Drive Backup

    Once Drive SOS predicts a hard drive failure, it becomes mandatory to take a backup and replace the drive. Disk Doctors Drive Image helps to clone one drive to another hard drive or you can also create disk image file of the drive. Drive Image features an interface designed to make cloning and disk image backup procedure very intuitive.

    Cloning a drive helps to create an exact replica of the drive, eventually it avoids the hassles of reloading the Operating system, configuring device drivers, re-installing necessary applications and re-arranging the data back to new Windows installation.
    Drive Image also creates disk image files through the backup process. A disk image file contains the exact, block-by-block copy of complete hard drive (Every byte on the hard drive is copied to the disk image file). These image files then can be stored in various places, such as External USB hard drive, CD/DVD etc. Using disk image files you can easily restore your complete hard drive in the event of data loss.

    Drive Image also offers a very basic but extremely important tool, which helps in identifying bad blocks or sectors on a hard drive. Using “Surface Scan”, you can easily scan complete hard drive to locate bad blocks or sectors. Once the software is able to find any sector or a block as unreadable or bad it becomes extremely important to create a backup of the drive.


  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface tailored to suite all category of users.
  • Disk Cloning helps in hard drive replacement or up gradation.
  • Ensures complete back up of drive state with sector by sector imaging feature.
  • Image Restoration to reverse unpredicted data loss and restores drive state.
  • Surface Scan option to count Bad blocks or sectors, which helps to analyze hard drive health status.
  • Generates event log.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
  • Files & Folders Management

    The other most important aspect of hard drive management includes managing free disk space or finding out ways to create free disk space. Disk Doctors Folder Manager, helps you to find sizes of files and folders occupying disk space.

    With extremely easy to use interface and graphical representation of the selected logical drive, you can find which file or folder is occupying free space.

    You can also create a scheduling function to monitor the size of a folder. Notifications are sent through email or you can set a prompt through a pop up message in Windows System Tray.


  • Simple user interface similar to traditional Windows Explorer.
  • Quick access to logical drives, files, folders and percentage of used space with respect to parent folder.
  • Graphical chart representation of space occupied by files, folders and subfolders.
  • Detailed insight of data distribution on storage device.
  • Easy and quick analysis of files and folders size.
  • Inbuilt scheduler and report generation helps to monitor files and folders size.
  • Supports hard drive, USB drive, FireWire, Flash drives and other Windows supported storage devices.
  • Tracks files and folders occupying large space by complete analysis of file system hierarchy.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.
  • Download Disk Doctors Drive Manager Software Full Version Here:

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