BestSync Review – A Best file/FTP synchronizer

Review For BestSync 2010: A Best file/FTP synchronizer, easy-to-use yet powerful

Publisher: RiseFly Software

BestSync review

BestSync is file/FTP synchronization utility for synchronizing and backup files between the local folder and FTP server, Network Drive, Network shared folder, and Removable Media (such as an USB disk) etc, it can also synchronize and backup Outlook/and Windows Mail emails.

BestSync has an easy-to-use user interface. In its main window, all the synchronization tasks are displayed in a list-view. The essential information of the task, such as the source folder, the target folder, the synchronization direction, the filtering file types, the last synchronized time, the number of the succeeded files and failed files of the last synchronization, and the next synchronizing time can be confirmed in one row. When the task is synchronizing, the progress bar and estimated time are displayed in the status column.

To add a new task, just click the “Add task” button, the task wizard is started. In the wizard pages, there are tooltips to explain the options, icons to indicate the option category, and bitmaps to simplify the concept. After set the source folder, target folder and synchronization direction, you can press the finish button at any stage. BestSync select the most common options for you. Most of the powerful and cramped functions are only a check box option, such as “Use Volume Shadow Copy Service to copy opened/locked file”, “Resume failed file from last breakpoint”, “Process multiple files simultaneously” option to start multiple threads and multiple sessions to download/upload multiple files simultaneously, “Run as Window Service (Need not user login)”, “Synchronize files immediately after files are changed”, and “Send log data by e-mail” etc.

BestSync provides some unique features that other synchronization tools have not, such as rename files by predefined rules while synchronizing files, compress and encrypt/decrypt and decompress files while synchronizing files. And it “include and exclude” mechanism and filtering function are more flexible and easy-to-setup among synchronization tools in this world.

The frequently used two buttons “Preview” and “Start” are the most left and largest buttons on the toolbar, easy to understand and operate. You can start the preview of the task to confirm the changed files before start the synchronization. BestSync uses a local database to detect file change, creating, deleting and moving, and resolves the conflict automatically. But you can modify the copy direction, deleting action etc for individual files and folders, exclude selected files and folders, and exclude selected file types. After confirm the synchronization actions, press the “Start” button in the preview window to start the synchronization. Thus you can ensure that the synchronization just performed like what you want.

BestSync provides the following solutions for the personal users as well ad enterprise users.

File Synchronization

Keep files the same between branch companies or subsidiary companies by NAS, Shared folder, or USB drive. Ensure that users in the group always work on the same updated files. BestSync supports Real-time synchronization to synchronize files immediately after the files are changed, and can run as Windows Service that need not user logon, this is a feature be suitable for running on server.

Automatic File Backup

Automatically backup the critical data to external storage, NAS, FTP, network volume by a flexible schedule. BestSync supports “Volume Shadow Copy” service to copy open/locked file. BestSync also has incremental and full backup features, and manage the versions of backup files. Flexible schedule can be specified; just setup the task once, BestSync can backup the files reliably and continuously.

FTP Synchronization

Synchronize files with a FTP server, download/upload changed files only from/to FTP server automatically, support FTP over TLS/SSL, support compression and encryption while synchronizing file. BestSync has Multi-thread Segmented Download feature to boost file download, and can resume the file transferring from the last breakpoint to ensure that large files be transferred successfully. BestSync also supports the FTP proxy server; enterprise users can synchronize files behind the firewall.

Outlook/Window Mail Synchronization/Backup

Synchronize File/Windows Mail/Outlook (mail, contact, schedule etc) between home and office by USB disk with the encryption feature. After setup the task, all the work to do, is to insert the USB disk into the home PC, and all the updated files/mails will be compressed and encrypted to the USB disk. Later at the company PC, when you insert the USB disk, all the updated files/mails will be decrypted and decompressed to the PC!

Web Publish

Publish only changed files to web site by using the FTP protocol with FrontPage support. Only updated files are transferred to your website, Deleted files are also removed. This substantially reduces synchronization time, and there are no annoying dialog boxes to disturb your work.

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BestSync Review - A Best file/FTP synchronizer, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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