Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin Review (Sold out)

Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin

Review Of Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin

You Need Backlinks And Now You Can Get Them Automatically

There is a definite need for backlinks to your website. Why? It is very simple. Without traffic we cannot make any sales, get email sign ups or direct people to our affiliate links.

There are a few ways to get traffic to your site. Backlinks are a HUGE way. Backlinks to your site will help to elevate your rankings and to help you maintain those rankings. If you have been around internet marketing for any lenght of time, more than an hour, you know this is critical to your website’s success.

I have found a WordPress plugin that will get backlinks to your site and do it automatically! It is called the Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin.

Here is what it does. Once installed, the Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin allows you to enter your keywords, or anchor text, along with the URL you would like these to link to and submit them to the ABC database. You install a widget on your site and you are all set.

The widget will now randomly display between 3 and 10 links on the widget. These links are the keywords, or anchor text, people have submitted to the database. The links are set up as ‘do-follow’ so they will get indexed by search engines, giving you credit for a backlink.

These backlinks act like votes in the eyes of the search engines. The more votes you have, the better your rankings will be and stay. The search engines like to see a natural progression of links on a variety of sites.

The Automatic Backlink Creator Plugin gives you that. When submitting your links, you will choose a category that the links fall into. The widget also alows you to choose the category of links you want displayed. These are where the 3 to 10 links are displayed from, rotated randomly and no duplicates. If there are not enough links in a given category, then it will search a realted category.

The power of this Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin is huge. This feature alone is making a difference with all of the users. I know you are thinking that for this to be successful there has to be a lot of sites. That is very true, and there are. There are thousands of sites in the network already and it is growing daily.

The natural approach to backlink building works best with this plugin, because your links will show up on a variety of sites, on different IP addresses, different PageRank and some on different categories. As the network of users builds, so does the exposure for everyone’s links. This means that over time the amount of links you have will grow and it will appear natural. The search engine LOVE this type of linkbuilding.

Is this all the Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin does?

No. It will also index the site of your choice daily, up to 10 times. It goes through a list of over 3,000 sites before it cycles again. This is a big deal and a benefit to every user because this means the search engines are crawling the site multiple times a day, giving credit for the links. These links are your links!

The Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin will actually do MORE!

You can also submit spun articles to the database. These articles can have your links in them as well. By being able to spin them, when they get distributed, different versions will be published from the one original version. These will meet the search engine requirements for unique content and with the links in the articles will also boost your backlink count.

The Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin will also keep track of your Yahoo backlinks and display how many you have. It will also keep track of different keyword ranking in Google for you also and display them on a grid for you.

I have to also tell you that the interface of the plugin in the administration area is so very simple to use. It is clean, easy to understand and navigate. I am very impressed with this. Many plugins are so difficult to understand and to navigate around in. The Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin is very different and very user friendly.

The training videos that are provided are top notch. They are clear and very easy to understand. They do a fantastic job of creatig thema nd walking you through step by step every part of the process, from download, inputting your username and password, to implementing links and articles into the database.

The article distribution feature and the indexing feature are only available with the Pro Version of the plugin. You can purchase the Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin Basic Version for $97 and you get 50 links that can be submitted to the database. You get the Yahoo backlink checker and the Google keyword checker.

If you upgrade to the Pro Version, there is no additional cost to purchase the plugin, it does cost $37 a month additional to the original purchase. This will give you 500 links that can be submitted to the database, as well as the article distribution feature, which is unlimited, and the indexing feature.

In order to submit links to the database, no matter what version you have, you will have to install a widget somewhere on your site. In order to use the article feature of the Pro version you will have to create a category and a user so that articles can be placed on your site.

At the time of this writing, plans were being made to add another backlinkg feature. It will involve creating RSS feeds for the posts and pages on your site. It may already be part of the most current version.

That is another great feature about the Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin, you get free updates and upgrades for life. Since there is a monthly charge for the Pro Version, constant work, maintenance and upgrades are being done and added.

The service has also been outstanding. The quality of the users is great. I am proud to report that many users start seeing benefits within days. Some have reported seeing results in hours, although hours is not typical.

One user reported over 200 backlinks in 10 days with 12 keywords ranking on Page 1 of Google. One user reported after 10 days a spike of 51% in traffic to one site and 67% to another. That was in 10 DAYS!

This is hands down quickly becoming a ‘mandatory’ WordPress Plugin installation. With the reports I have seen, the testimonials I have read and the result I am getting I put a STRONG recommendation on this Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin.

With many services that are comparable, this one over delivers and comes in a little less expensive. I recommend getting the Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin, go straight to the Pro Version and at least to committing to it for 6 months. Input links, and articles and see what happens. If your results are even close to what some have reported, it will be well worth the $37 a month!

With the dedication of the Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin developer and the constant maintenance and upgrades being made to the plugin, it is on any WordPress website owners Top Ten plugins to have. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results, the service and the ease of use. Go now and start building your backlinks automatically, driving more traffic and making more money!

Visit Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin Official Site Here:


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